Although I'm no longer painting watercolor portraits of children, I have kept the portraits here on my website for now because I'm happy and proud that I've touched so many children in this way. These portraits are all hanging on kids' walls!  I've tried to show here how happy they were to have the attention focused on them for a short while, and to know that they are special and wonderful creatures!

This is Connor, my friend Maureen's son. I painted it from a photo that Maureen took.

Portrait of Ayla

Ayla's father gave me a photo of her that he had taken so I haven't actually met her. (This is the first time I've painted from a photo without seeing the actual person.) 

I have two more portraits to complete and then I'll be closing my portrait business.  

But more good things are coming, believe me! 😉

A Colorful Family

This is Jim and his granddaughters, Amanda and Andrea, who were visiting him.  I felt like I knew them very well after finishing this painting! The girls live on the East Coast and this is going to be an Easter gift for them. 

Seahawks fan

This is Mikael. I met him and his mother at the Bothell, WA Country Village Farmer's Market.

Portraits in costume

I painted this portrait of these girls for their grandma to give to her son and daughter-in-law for Christmas.  Here's what Grandma Karen wrote to me:


"My son and daughter-in-law Loved the portrait and were SO surprised!!!  It was the perfect Xmas gift 🎅"


Thanks, Karen, for letting me know!

Holiday Season Portraits 2015

Here are Ruby and Callie. Thanks, girls, for the opportunity to paint you!

Portraits at a Chanukah & Winter Bazaar in Seattle, 2015

I drew 2 portraits on November 15 and this was one of them.  Eric is 10 and we had a great time collaborating on his portrait. He wanted to be sure that I included Venom, a Spiderman character. It was really fun painting a boy for a change!  Eric, tell your friends to sign up here!  And any other boys reading this!

Portraits from Wight's Harvest Festival October 2015

This is JayLynn and Fiorella, two girls who stopped by to have their portraits painted.  Fiorella's costume was somewhat ornate so I finished it in my home studio.  

PRICES:  JayLynn's portrait on the left is an example of a Quick Kids' Portrait. The Price is $70 + tax. Fiorella's is an example of a Fully Rendered Portrait. The price for a Fully Rendered Portrait is $495 + tax. (I paint these portraits only from photographs that I take. Lead time is one to two weeks.) 

Portraits at Molbak's Harvest Fair on 10-17-15

These are a couple of the portraits I at Molbak's. Grace helped with the watercolors of her portrait and Vivienne helped with her design! That is part of what I do -- get kids engaged and we have a lot of fun together!  

Portraits Drawn at the 2015 Evergreen State Fair!

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In the Media

     Check out the August 2015 issue of Blue City Monthly Magazine based in the Seattle area for a story about these portraits!  

     Many thanks to editor Elizabeth Griffin who visited Country Village for this article. Click here to read it:  Blue City Monthly or visit your local library to pick up a copy of this excellent magazine serving King & Snohomish Counties! 

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A warm summer day

I am posting this portrait of Torance in large format so that perhaps you can get a feeling of the lovely summer day when I painted it.  Torance is my neighbors Jim & Lori's granddaughter.  

Portraits of an Entire Family

     Recently I painted portraits of Andrea E's four children: Caroline, Grant, Sophie and Benjamin. Caroline was featured in an article about the portraits in Blue City Monthly Magazine (see above)!  Grant and Sophie worked with me to choose some of the colors in their portraits.

     Benjamin was a little too small to hold still for a portrait so I took his photo and painted it in my home studio.  When Andrea brought the portrait home and showed it to Ben, Andrea texted me, "Ben LOVED it!" 

Friday Portraits at Country Village Summer 2015

Grant, Isabella, Caroline, Siena, Veronica and Luca had their portraits painted recently.  Thanks, Kids. So glad you came!

Coloring Sheet #1

I drew a picture of a princess for kids to color or paint.  Vivien colored it today!  Below you will see the coloring sheet which can be printed out on a printer and colored at home!