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I'm Tamara Belland, Filmmaker, Illustrator & Fine Artist!

I am making a documentary about Climate Change for Kids. It's a positive, uplifting film and is in post-production now. It will be available soon. If you'd like more information, please email me at Thanks!

Currently I live in Fairfield, Iowa. I lived in the Seattle area for 38 years and in 2017 I moved back to my home state of Iowa.


This page which contains  Pet Illustrations as well as Portraits of Children that I have painted in watercolor over the last several years.


Here is a video I created about my cat in 2018. Please check it out!  My Name is Flower Video


Aspen and Hemi

This is my last watercolor portrait.  Aspen, the young woman, holds Hemi as a puppy.  Hemi lived until he was just 7 months hold (that's him looking on in the background).  Aspen's dad, Bob (see Jax, below) asked me to paint this portrait  in memory of Hemi.  

A Birthday gift

This is Jax. His owner Bob asked me to paint this illustration of Jax for his wife.

People's Choice Award Winner

This is Bernie, he's also in the last illustration.  He won a recent "People's Choice Award" on my Facebook Artist's Page!  When I told his owner Clint, he said, "Bernie will be so proud." 

My first Pet Illustration in Fairfield, Iowa

Here are Bernie, Ebony and Ruby. Their owner, Clint, took the photograph on the left. 


This was my first pet Illustration. This is Axl, my friend Kimberly's dog. We all lived in the Seattle area at that time. They now live in San Francisco.

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How to Optimize Your Creativity

How to Optimize Your Creativity Worksheet
From 2016-2017 I wrote a monthly article on Creativity in the Woodway Influence (Woodway, Washington) magazine. The attached worksheet accompanied the April 2017 issue. It's available here for anyone else who is interested in optimizing their creativity!
How to Optimize Your Creativity.pdf
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How to Get to Know Your Creative Self Better

Questionnaire: Getting to Know My Creative Self Better
If you'd like to be more creative, here is a tool for that. Here are 15 questions to ask your Creative Self.
Getting to Know my Creative Self Better.
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Portraits of (mostly) Children

Click on images for a larger view.

Jim and his granddaughters

This is Jim with Amanda and Andrea, who were visiting him.  I felt like I knew them very well after finishing this painting! The girls live on the East Coast and this was a gift for them. 

Portraits in costume

I painted this portrait of these girls for their grandma to give to her son and daughter-in-law for Christmas.  Here's what Grandma Karen wrote to me:


"My son and daughter-in-law Loved the portrait and were SO surprised!!!  It was the perfect Xmas gift 🎅"


Thanks, Karen, for letting me know!

Holiday Season Portraits at Wight's Home & Garden in Lynnwood, WA 2015

Ruby and Callie.

Portraits at a Chanukah & Winter Bazaar in Seattle, 2015

Eric is 10 and we had a great time collaborating on his portrait. He wanted to be sure that I included Venom, a Spiderman character.

Portraits from Wight's Harvest Festival October 2015

This is JayLynn and Fiorella, two girls who stopped by to have their portraits painted.  Fiorella's costume was somewhat ornate so I finished it in my home studio.  

Portraits at Molbak's Harvest Fair on 2015

These are a couple of the portraits I at Molbak's. Grace helped with the watercolors of her portrait and Vivienne helped with her design!  

Portraits Drawn at the 2015 Evergreen State Fair!

In the Media

     Check out the August 2015 issue of Blue City Monthly Magazine based in the Seattle area for a story about these portraits!  

     Many thanks to editor Elizabeth Griffin who visited Country Village for this article. Click here to read it:  Blue City Monthly.


A warm summer day

I am posting this portrait of Torance in large format so that perhaps you can get a feeling of the lovely summer day when I painted it.  Torance is my neighbors Jim & Lori's granddaughter.  

Portraits of an Entire Family

     Recently I painted portraits of Andrea E's four children: Caroline, Grant, Sophie and Benjamin. Caroline was featured in an article about the portraits in Blue City Monthly Magazine (see above)!  Grant and Sophie worked with me to choose some of the colors in their portraits.

     Benjamin was a little too small to hold still for a portrait so I took his photo and painted it in my home studio.  When Andrea brought the portrait home and showed it to Ben, Andrea texted me, "Ben LOVED it!" 

Friday Portraits at Country Village Summer 2015

Grant, Isabella, Caroline, Siena, Veronica and Luca had their portraits painted on warm sunny days at Country Village.

Coloring Sheet #1

I drew a picture of a princess for kids to color or paint.  Vivien colored it today!  Below you will see the coloring sheet which can be printed out on a printer and colored at home!


Father's Day Portraits!

These kids came to the Country Village Farmers' Market on Friday and posed for portraits for their dads! Their names are Vivien, Leo, Izzy, Zachary, Lucas, Angelica, Amelia, and Addyson.  Hope you had a great Fathers' Day with your Dads!  And thanks to you Moms for stopping by my booth!

Spring Portraits at Country Village

I painted Madison and Melaine on June 12. It was a beautiful day and it was fun painting and getting to know both of you!

A Portrait for their Wedding Invitation

May 2015 - Engaged couple Rosy & Bruce wanted to add a special touch to their wedding invitations and asked me to paint this portrait for them!  Warm wishes to you both for a wonderful life together!

Mother's Day at Country Village

Here are a few portraits I drew on Mother's Day, 2015.  It was fun to draw Teresa and her sister Stephanie, as well as Tattiana and Nicole!  I also had the opportunity to draw Dennis's two kids from photos as a gift to his wife.  And I took a photo of little Keegan at Country Village and finished the portrait in my home studio.


Pet Portrait

May 2015 - This is Axl, dog of Kimberly.  He was so good at sitting attentively for quite a few photos until we finally captured this expression.  Axl is quite a special dog!

Portraits in Clearview, WA

I was at the Arts & Crafts Market in Clearview on April 18 and drew these two kids for Mother's Day presents. Thanks, Emily and Walter!  It was fun getting to know you.  And thank you to Kat Summer, organizer of the Summer Market that supports the Maltby Food Bank.

Portraits at the April Edmonds Art Walk

These were painted at c'est la Vie.  They are located in Edmonds, WA. Here are Will, Owen, Elizabeth and Desmond. 

Valentine's Day 2015 Portraits at Molbak's in Woodinville

I drew portraits of Isaiah, Isabelle, Kay, Tralynn & Mike, and Faye & Karl on Valentine's Day.  Also Sophia, Elizabeth, Ryder and Isabel.  It was fun drawing all of you.  Thank you for your patience! Also thank you to Mary Berg and Lisa Moses at Molbak's for this great experience!

Portraits drawn at home

February 4, 2015:  Here are recent portraits of Monet, Olivia and Davis.  I drew Monet at their home--this is an example of a 30-minute portrait.  I took photographs of Olivia and Davis and worked on them in my home studio.  Thanks kids, and thanks to your mom, Julie, for the chance to paint your portraits!

Portraits of my great nephew & niece 2014

Here are Ryker and Kinley, who live in Iowa and are cousins.

Portrait at Wight's Home & Garden December 2014

This is Brook. She and her family were at Wight's for their after-Christmas sale. 

This is Lilli. She had a fun owl on her shirt. 


At the Edmonds Art Walk

I drew portraits of JacobCaspian and Marsali at the Edmonds Art Walk on December 18 at the Ombu Salon + Spa.  Even though Santa was there, a storm was forecast for that evening which kept a lot of people away. :(  Regardless, thank you to everyone who came and also Beth Sanger for the opportunity to draw at the Salon!

Portrait at MaJe Gallery in Edmonds December 2014

I drew one portrait at MaJe Gallery today. Thank you, Zaynah and your dad for stopping by the Gallery and staying for a portrait.

FYI, MaJe Gallery has some wonderful Holiday gifts at reasonable prices. Everything is made by artists in the U.S. and many in the Northwest. The address is 409 Main Street.  


Portraits at Wight's Home & Garden, December 2014

I drew portraits of kids and adults at Wight's Home & Garden in Lynnwood

on Saturdays.


I want to mention something about the black & white drawing of Adelaide, above.  Adelaide wanted to go home and paint the drawing herself, so I took a picture of it in the drawing stage and e-mailed it to her!


Thank you, Tatum, Gavin, Adelaide, Mollie, Lindsey, Olivia and Olivia for allowing me to draw you!  Also Hailey & Tegan who posed next to a Christmas tree and I painted them in my home studio. 


Portraits at Brookdale Retirement Center in Seattle

I've started drawing some portraits at Brookdale which formerly was called Merrill Gardens Northgate.  My friend Gyla lives there and she introduced me. This is Welma, one of the residents, a lovely lady. I hope I've captured her essence.

Portraits in Edmonds

Sunday, November 30: I drew portraits of these three kids today, Cole, Luca and Ali at MaJe Gallery in Edmonds. Owner Manya Vee has a wonderful collection of gifts available for Holiday shopping in her gallery. Here's her website:

The address is 409 Main Street in Edmonds.  I invite you and a friend to come check out the gallery and sit for a fun portrait!  

Portraits in Minnesota

I drew these charming girls, Lydia and Molly, at my sister Cindy and brother-in-law Jim's home over Thanksgiving weekend.  Thank you, girls, for the opportunity to draw you while I was on vacation!

Kids' Portraits at Wight's Harvest Festival!

October 25, 2014 -- Today at Wight's Home & Garden in Lynnwood I drew portraits of kids.  Here are 6 of them. They took about 25 minutes each. Thank you to all of the kids for posing so patiently.  It's really fun for me to draw and paint the kids, and talk with them about how their lives are going. Thank you also to Wight's!

Thank you for your comments!  I'm happy that you visited my site.  If you'd like to purchase a poster or some greeting cards, click the STORE on the left column of this page. You can purchase through PayPal with a debit or credit card.  Thanks again!

Kids' Portraits at the Seattle Children's Festival at the Seattle Center!

October 13, 2014 -- I had the pleasure of drawing all of these kids at the Seattle Children's Festival yesterday, plus 8 more who I didn't think to photograph!  It was very fun and I think that the kids enjoyed it too. Thank you, kids! and thank you Seattle Children's Festival staff for the opportunity!

Honorable Mention received at the Kenmore Art Show, June 2014

At the Kenmore Art Show
At the Kenmore Art Show

Thank you to everyone who voted for my painting! There were 14 Honorable Mentions in the Drawing/Painting category at the Kenmore Art Show.  They were all really good!  I felt very honored to be recognized as part of that group.


See GALLERY page for a close-up of this oil pastel painting and the STORE for how to obtain a print.

Posters and Prints are available for sale

Painting my Children's book in progress
Painting my Children's book in progress

February 2014: The Alice Through the Looking Glass posters have been a long time coming, but they're now available for sale! In addition to text from the story by Lewis Carroll, I've designed them with words that are inspiring to me--sayings I'd like to have on my own walls to remember each day. I hope you enjoy them! They are made for children's rooms, but they will also brighten up anyone's home, classroom or workplace!